Free Shipping? Yes please!

It's been a long hard road. Several years of planning, organising, prototyping and testing over and over and over and now we're finally at the finish line. We're about to get ready to launch so we thought, how can we celebrate? Someone who has been helping us suggested doing a blog post and someone else said give free shipping. So we did both! As a big thank you to anyone who buys a watch from our inital batch, we're giving you the chance to have free shipping with any order worldwide. All you have to do is get to the checkout to enjoy the benefits of free shipping in your order. We really hope you enjoy what we've made for you. We're super proud of what we've done and we really hope that shines through to you. Keep an eye out on this blog as we'll be updating it when we can with all sorts, from stories of our development and offering hidden codes to use and hosting competitions from time to time.

Thanks a lot and we'll see you all soon,


Noor and Dan