Mineral Glass, Sapphire Crystal... What does this all mean!?

Watches. Everyone loves them. They’re one of the best ways we can complement an outfit. Nothing can speak volumes about where you’re heading like being sharply dressed and ready for the occasion. But a common feature that is overlooked by most people is the quality and durability of a watch.

A paramount feature of a watch is it being able to withstand use each-and-every day.

We’ve all heard of horror stories and seen it in the films where someone’s watch face shatters and preserves the time of the murder. That’s because they used mineral glass as their face cover.

Let’s talk about this mineral Glass stuff

Mineral Glass is widely considered the middle-man in watch manufacturing. It’s durable for sure but it’s also cost efficient and visually identical to the alternative, sapphire crystal glass. Because mineral glass is quite significantly less expensive and, to an extent, is resistant to scratches and shattering this is what most manufacturers go for. To them, the bottom line is all they care about.

So, sapphire Crystal you say?

Yup. If there was an award for these things, the crown for best watch glass goes, undoubtedly, to sapphire crystal. All top end and luxurious watches feature sapphire crystal glass because it has the appearance and durability that you would expect from your watch. Of the three main glass types, it is by far the most scratch and shatter resistant – basically, it can handle what you throw at it. It’s not to say it’s completely invulnerable but it’ll help keep it itself free from scratches and shattering from simple knocks and bangs.

There are two types of sapphire crystal, you’ve got your synthetic and you’ve got your genuine. Synthetic sapphire crystal glass, which is your man-made stuff, is most commonly used. While genuine is mined from the earth and processed to be harder than the rock it came from.

A little gauge of where Sapphire crystal comes in the scale of things; Sapphire crystal comes in right behind our good friend the diamond. An easy way to determine if your watch has sapphire crystal glass is to use a stainless-steel knife and scratch the surface of your watch (we totally don’t expect you to do it, because if your watch does scratch, we don’t want you to blame us for guiding you but as a general rule: if you can scratch it by mistake, it’s probably mineral glass).

We prefer sapphire crystal, we’re not bothered about the most profit. We focus on quality and really, really hope our watches show that love, dedication and quality that we want for ourselves. Every G&R watch features the finest sapphire coated glass in order to ensure longevity and quality.